Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 2012

We celebrated the New Year with just the kids and I. Randle had to work New Years Eve this year. Jesse and I went back and forth going outside and lighting fireworks. The girls, they were in bed by 9 and slept until midnight. So they got to celebrate the new year with us. In scouts with Jesse, we have built a bird house, and worked on his Tiger Cub badge. In February he will have earned it and moved up to the Wolf. He is loving it. I have joined a Bunco group, which this was our first month. It was really nice having someone sit with the kids so I could go do something without all of them attached to me. The girls are sitting up like pros and rolling everywhere they want to go. They scoot in a circle on their bum to play with toys. I have a feeling crawling is not far away. They are so smiley and happy girls. On January 28th they had their ear tube surgery at Primary Children's Medical Center. We were supposed to be there at 6 am and the surgery scheduled for 7:30 and 8 am. The doctor was running extra late because of the bad weather. So Tess didn't get taken back until 9 and Cami 9:30. Both girls remained happy yet hungry. The worse part was waking up from the anesthesia. They hated it. They screamed and screamed. Finally when we were able to leave around 10:30 they crashed in their car seats and slept the whole ride home. The rest of the day was miserable for them. They were fussy and tired, but they actually slept from 7p - 7a. It was much needed for them. They turned 9 months old on the 23rd. It is just amazing how fast time has gone by. They are getting funner and funner they older they get. They are always laughing at their brother and have started interacting more with each other.
9 Months Old
Jesse and his bird house
Aunt Kay with Tess at Primarys
Mom with Cami at Primarys
Cami and Tess with their first little pony's...Randle called them his little "whoville girls"

Friday, January 4, 2013

Our familiy has made it thru 8 months

My girls are just a little over 8 months old. It has gone by so fast but slow at the same time. It has been a big adjustment for all of us, especially Jesse. But, he is one proud big brother, and very protective of his sisters. He holds them any chance he gets and plays with them constantly. The girls and I take Jesse to scouts every Monday. He just earned his Bobcat. We got to paint his face and I even received a pin for helping him achieve it. The girls have been rolling everywhere they want to go. They try to get up on their knees, but havent mastered it yet. Thankfully! This mom is not ready for two crawlers. They talk and babble up a storm. They laugh at everything Jesse does. They love the dog and pull her hair any chance they get. Lilie doesn't seem to mind at all. Their weights are doing great. Cami started out at 5 lb 7 oz and Tess at 5 lb 4 oz. Once we got them home, they dropped to 4 1/2 lbs each, so they still may be small but I am happy with them both now weighting 15 lbs. The placenta results show they are identical. They do have some differences though that help to tell them apart. Tess has more of a thinner face and oval shaped, where Cami has a more round face. I am told by my Doctors that it is because of the position they were in womb. They definitely have different personalities. Tess is more of a "now" person, where Cami is a bit more on the mellow side. Here are some photos of our first 8 months.
Daddy and Tess
Mommy one week before delivery
Cami, had to be on an IV due to having a bowel movement in the womb.
The proud big brother with his baby sisters.
Jesse, Tess & Cami in their blessing dresses Grandma Jan made
Daddy and Cami
4 Weeks Old
8 Weeks old
Dr. Hansen and Jill with the girls. He was an amazing doctor.
4 1/4 Months
3 Months
6 Weeks Old with our GG
4 Months
7 Months
5 Months
5 1/2 Months with Uncle Fred
6 Months
6 1/2 Months with Santa
Jesse 6 1/2 yrs Old
Tess 8 Months
Cami 8 Months

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wow...I need an update...its been too long.

Since my last post in Dec 2011 a lot has happened. We found out our twins were girls in January 2012. I was able to work my full time night shifts until I was 34 weeks along.(April 1st) Then I took my maternity leave. We found out that we could rent a house from a friend and started getting that house cleaned and ready to move in. I had a baby shower that my mom threw for me in March as well as one my co-workers threw for me at the end of March. On April 21, with the help of Randle's family and my friend Mindy, they got us all moved and somewhat know...beds set up and ready to sleep in and groceries put away. We were very thankful for everyone helping us do so before the babies arrived. On Monday April 23rd at 8:38am Cami was born and 8:39am Tess was born. They were born c-section. They were known as Spot (Cami, baby A)and Dot (Tess, baby B). Until we were for sure on the names we wanted. Cami was born and had had a bowel movement in her sac, and her lungs were not quite ready. She was put on high flow oxygen and antibiotics for 2 1/2 days. Tess did very well when she was born. Cami also had a lower HCT than Tess so she had to have her blood drawn daily. The girls and I came home on Wednesday April 25th. My parents met us and greeted us with a sign welcoming the girls and I home. Randle was given 10 days off for us to move and stay home and help with the new babies. It was wonderful to have him home with us. After that my mom came up when Randle was gone working. She was great to have around and help. The girls will be 5 months old on Sept 23rd. Cami has started rolling over from her back to her belly and Tess is rolling to her side and stops there. I know she is not far from finishing rolling over though. The girls keep me on my toes and busy during the day and night. They are starting to sleep in 4-6 hour increments at night, which I absolutely love. Jesse has started 1st grade and is loving it. He gets to ride the bus to school, and it picks him up right in front of our house. His reading skills are getting better and better. Here is an update of photos from pregnancy to now of the girls and Jesse with them.
GG & The kids. Girls are 7 weeks old
20 1/2 Weeks
36 Weeks
Tess, Jesse & Cami 1 day old
Jesse, Cami & Tess 12 days old

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Growing Family

Baby B sleeping with it's back towards up. 15 1/5 weeks.
Baby A looking right at us. 15 1/2 weeks.

In September we found out we were pregnant. Yes, both Randle and I were shocked to find this out. My IUD was only out a week when this happened. I never worried about having another because of my fertility issues. But apparently I was wrong. I went for my first appt on Oct 3rd. The Dr could see one heart beat, but the fetus was so small he couldn't measure it to tell how far along I was. So we were guessing because it was so small still that I was approx 6 weeks. So we just scheduled my next appt for Novemner 7th. On November 7th I went in and took Jesse with me. He was excited to see the baby. Not only did we get to see the baby, but I was told there were TWO babies. Jesse was excited about two babies and I was in shock about it. I had to tell Randle over the phone because he was at work and was wondering how my appt went. He took it pretty well. But even if he didn't, he had 3 hours at work before he came home to mull it over. So by the time he came home he seemed alright with things. But I have my suspicions that he about had a heart attack when I told him. To bad I couldn't see his face though. On that visit I should have been 11 weeks by how my first visit went, but both babies measured 13 weeks. So my due date went from end of May to May 14th. I went for my 3rd appt on December 5th. Babies both were measuring 17 weeks, which is right where I should be. As of right now it looks like 2 sacs, but 1 placenta. We'll be able to tell if there is 2 placentas next month. It is easier to tell the bigger they get (that is what I am told anyway). The doctor did give me a guess on what the gender is, but he was not 99% sure for either baby. So I am not really saying what he said until I get a 99% sure. They are still small enough that he said he can not be for sure until next visit when I will be 22 weeks. I will post pictures later. So that is the update on our little family for now.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Crazy Wyoming Winter

Just some photos of our crazy weather we have had this Winter.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seriously Slacking!! A catch up of our Summer!

October 2nd - Erik had been visiting with Virginia for a week at the end of Sept to the beginnig of October. We were able to spend Friday night and Saturday day with them. Jesse picked out a haunted gingerbread house out for Erik, him and GG to put together while we were there. This is the finished product. Then we ate it!

Labor Day Weekend around the train station in Evanston.

Labor Day Weekend Parade and Pancake Breakfast.
Jesse and I went to the parade Monday morning of Labor Day and watched the parade with our good friends Bonnie and Dustin and their family. Jesse got tons of candy and we got to see lots of things in the parade. We also went and ate at the annual pancake breakfast after the parade. Delicious!

Jesse at his first day of pre-school- I am so sad that he is old enough for pre-school. He was so happy to be there. He now asks me if he can go everyday! I am not ready for him to be gone everyday.

Uinta County Air Show - August 28th

Jesse and Danica House

Witch-A_Palooza Ocotber 22 at Garnder's Village in West Jordan
My Aunt Janine got us all tickets to go. Me, My mom, Jesse, Kylie, Amy, Desi, and Jessica all went. We had so much fun. There were witches everywhere. We did the dinner theater and watched wonderful actresses and a actor put a on a play while we ate. Jesse loved it! This was Jesse and mine's second year to go. I think it is a new tradition we will keep up.

Front: Desi, Jessica, Me, Jesse, Darla. Back: Janine, Kylie, Amy

My mom, Darla, Jesse and I.

My cousin Amy and I

I thought that I had more photos of what we have done this summer, but then I realized that I DID have more photos, but NO longer have them. In August, when Jesse and I was on one of our walks, we were looking at some of yarn left in the Ice pond to find chicken on them and crawdads on them. I leaned over a bit to much and my cell phone fell in the pond. Gone forever! No I did not dive in after it, the water was way too cold. By By phone, by by photos that were on it.
In July Jesse and I did lots of walks at the Bear River State Park. He loved watching for the Moose roaming around. He loves going and looking at all the buffalo and Elk they have there as well.
In August and September, Evanston had lots of activites for us to do. I took Jesse to the Uinta County Fair, we got to see lots of animals, a Extreme Canine Dog Show, which Jesse got to help with, Parades, Swimming in the River and making crafts. It has been a fun busy Summer!